The uncommon ways to serve Green Spaghetti in Peru

The uncommon ways to serve Green Spaghetti in PeruSome folks say that Peruvian people eat a lot, it may be because most of our dishes are a mix of many ingredients from many different cultures, but actually It’s because it is a tradition to mix a couple of dishes to make them better. In the following lines we’ll show you a couple common ways green spaghetti is served in restaurants around Lima, Peru.

– Tallarin al Pesto con Sabana (Green Spaghetti with sheet)

Though it may sound like a bit too much, it’s actually how most restaurants serve the dish, because is not a full 7oz steak but instead a thin 1/4th inch slice of meat, called sabana, which translates to sheet. It is a dish that is perfect for those long hard working days, or for when you are so busy you are starving by days end.

– Green Spaghetti with Papa a la Huancaina.

This one is a bit harder to come by in a restaurant but there are homes that function as restaurants during lunch hours that offer this very delicious and rare combination to the patrons. It’s often sought out because it mixes the warm flavors of the spaghetti with the fresh taste of potatoes, and the spiciness the dressing has.

We hope this gives you a couple ideas on how creative Peruvian cuisine actually is. Try your own combinations that best please your palate.