Gaston Acurio and Peruvian Food Blow into the Windy City

As Peruvian food is becoming more popular in the United States illustrious Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio is starting to open up restaurants around the country. Chicago is the next lucky city that will get to taste what all the hype is about. Currently Acurio has restaurants in the U.S. in both San Francisco and New York. This celebrated chef is the founder of Astrid Y Gaston in Peru, which is considered to be one of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

His restaurant “Tanta” in Chicago will have signature Peruvian dishes including various types of flavors of ceviche, Tiraditos, anticuchos, lomo saltodo and many other traditional Peruvian meals. Whether you already enjoy dining on Peruvian food or have never tried it before, Gaston Acurio’s restaurant will surely become one of your favorite places to dine.

If you have never heard of Gaston Acurio think of a Peruvian Emeril Legasse. Acurio is nothing short of a major celebrity in Peru and some may even consider him a hero, as Peruvians are very enthusiastic about the food and culture that Acurio is now spreading around the world.

Acurio’s restaurant uses the freshest and most authentic ingredients to ensure that you get the best experience possible. Acurio plans on importing the spices and sauces from Peru while supporting the local Chicago community by using their meats and fish. Of course Acurio will be serving a number of different drinks that incorporate the famous alcohol Pisco  that you will find people in Peru tipping back.

Chicagoans you better prepare for your pallets to be forever changed! Gaston Acurio is ready to show you what all the fuss about Peruvian food is about.