mistura festival 2013

Mistura is the largest gastronomic fair in Latin America and for Peruvians it is a great cultural festival. It leaves all Peruvians from all over without any distinction. Everyone is there to celebrate Peru’s amazing culinary tradition, biodiversity and in general to reaffirm Peru’s identity. This festival will take place in Lima, Peru from September 6-15.

It is tasty and colorful ten days in which the tradition of Peru is celebrated through the course of parades and dances. The guests all enjoy the various different tastes that Peruvian cuisine has to offer. This is the spirit of Mistura .

At the festival the guest will have the luxury of meeting the various links in the food chain. They are as followed: small farmers, cooks, bakers, food sellers , confectioners, waiters, restaurants, culinary schools, restaurants, and others, to pay tribute to Peru’s biodiversity, which is one of the richest in the world.

This effort is in addition the generous support of many culinary styles of different regions of Peru , as well as the European kitchens , Arabs, Chinese, Japanese and African , who have nurtured our cuisine making it one of the most unique and delicious in the world. Peruvians are extremely proud to put their cuisine on display for the world to see.

All are welcome to this great party to share the values that unite Peruvians for this special event. Celebrate , Share and Care are the guidelines by which Peruvians make their cuisine. It is an engine of inclusive development, cultural identity and social integration.

In Mistura you can find in one place different dishes from all peruvian regions. From the coast line, to the highland and even the jungle. Whether it s seafood, pasta, bake goods, desserts or drinks, it can all be found at Mistura.