Peruvian Food, If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere

Over the past few years Peruvian food has been making its way around the world as the new “in cuisine”. Like most other “fads” I expected the excitement about Peruvian food to come and go. It is definitely starting to seem like Peruvian Food is not a passing phase. It is here to stay.

For food lovers around the world, New York City has long been considered the mecca of cuisine. No matter what type of cuisine a person loves, they are sure to find some of the best the world has to offer in the city that never sleeps. Whether it is Chinese Food, Italian, Indian or meat and potatoes or deli, NYC has the best.

This past year December 8-19 has been declared “New York City’s Peruvian Picante Restaurant Week”. During this week, eight of the cities best Peruvian restaurants are offering fixed priced menus with some of the best, most traditional Peruvian Dishes they have to offer.

Living in South Florida, I have been fortunate to have some of what I believe the best Peruvian food the States have to offer. However, growing up close to NYC, I know that the Big Apple has some of the best food the world has to offer. If NYC has declared and dedicated a specific week out of the year to Peruvian food it is safe to say that this cuisine is not a fad and is here to stay.