The masters’ secrets for a great Ceviche

The masters secrets for a great CevicheYou may have heard phrases “My recipe is the best” or “I have a secret ingredient”. These are lies, and here we’ll tell you why.

Many times you may have gone to a restaurant and tasted a great Ceviche, or perhaps not that great, and wondered why is the flavor so different?, why is it that the one served at this place better than the one served at that other place? Is it because of an additional ingredient? Or perhaps because of a different way to cut the fish.

The owner of the renowned ceviche restaurant El Verídico de Fidel, Mr. Fidel Aymar, reveals to us the real secret technique to make a very good dish even better while keeping it simple. Well, Japanese ninja have secret techniques, why can’t Peruvian cooks have theirs?

The secret technique to achieve a ‘legendary’ dish, is in the preparation of the fish itself. It has to be fresh, almost as fresh as if you’ve just taken it from the sea. Once we have our super fresh fish, we need to dice it, in small cubes, and rinsed. Then add no more than half a lime’s juice, why only half a lime’s juice? Why not a full limes? Or two limes? This is because the lime’s acid will do the cooking of the fish, and too much can spoil the dish. So, after letting it cook for about a couple of hours, the rest of the ingredients then can be added, in different quantities according to taste, for example, if you like it more bitter, maybe a little more lime juice could be added.

The basic recipe for this dish can be found here.

Remember, in the kitchen is all about good tricks fresh ingredients and mostly taste.