Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Living in the Delray Beach area it is hard not to recognize when a new restaurant pops up in the area. My excitement for a new restaurant is for the most part non-existent but because of my new found love for Peruvian food I couldn’t wait to get my fork in a ceviche dish at Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant.

Like most restaurants/bars in the Delray Beach area the atmosphere and vibe was very cool. However, the positive experience at this new Peruvian cuisine stopped at the atmosphere. I don’t want to complain about the service because I believe that all new restaurants deserve some sort of grace period to work out the kinks in the service department. With that said, I think upon opening a new establishment every restaurant owner better make sure they are prepared to put their best forward in the kitchen. After all, you only get to make one first impressions right?

My party ordered the Ceviche De La Casa, Tabla Mixta, Ceviche de atun (sushi grade supposedly) and the table mixta. If the Ceviche de la casa was supposed to have the restaurants own special twist on it then it might have been okay. However to me, the ceviche tasted sour. Almost like the chef squeezed the lemons and limes to hard. The Ceviche de atun wasn’t great either. Besides the servings being extremely small (even for a tapas restaurant) it was obvious that the tuna wasn’t fresh. Again, it may be kinks in inventory that the restaurant needs to work out. As far as the table mixta is concerned I felt that that was the best tasting dish. However the portion was again extremely small.

If you are looking to dig into some authentic Peruvian food, then this not going to be the place. Besides being in the very cool, hip town of Delray Beach, Florida there isn’t much to this place. Unless this establishment cleans up their act quick, like most other restaurants that open in that area, they will be closed within a year.