Ceviche 105 Review – Trilogy Sliced Fish Tiradito

Trilogy Sliced Fish TiraditoI am very familiar with the Peruvian restaurant in downtown Miami, Ceviche 105 – because my office used to be just two blocks away from the place.  Every time I had lunch there I would usually pick one of the classic Ceviche 105’s signature dishes like the Ceviche Pucusana or Ceviche Anconero and always be amazed by the service, speed, quality of ingredients and the same great taste you would expect from a renowned restaurant like Ceviche 105. I no longer work in the area but still visit Ceviche 105 once in awhile, especially when I want to delight some friends that visit town and want to try some good Peruvian food.

The last time I visited Chef Chipoco’s masterpiece, Ceviche 105, I decided to be a little adventurous and try something different from the menu so I selected the “Trilogy Sliced Fish Tiradito” or “Sampler Trilogía de Tiraditos” for $19.95, which to my surprise was not up to the standards of the other known Ceviche 105’s menu items.

Tiradito is a dish consisting of long thin strips of raw fish, marinated in a creamy lime sauce. The problem with the Tiradito I tried at Ceviche 105 was that the fish was not cut properly (or at least not the way like the other dozen tiraditos I have tried in my life (trust me I am Peruvian and I know ceviche and tiraditos), the taste was OK but instead of bites of thin-sliced fish, they were more like just a couple of thick fish fillets that you could not finish chewing, so the flavor would be gone and your mouth full of chewy fish that I could just not swallow.

Don’t get me wrong, Ceviche 105 in my opinion, is a great Peruvian food restaurant with a great menu and a great track record; it just happens that the tiradito I tried that Sunday afternoon was terrible, so bad that I had to write about it. I hope this was just my experience (perhaps a faux pas of the chef on duty at the kitchen) – if someone had a similar experience or perhaps a positive one please share it in the comment thread area of this post.