Mistura 2012: Astrid presented a documentary about the link between forests and culinary diversity

Renowned in the field of pastry, Astrid Gutschce, presented the documentary “Taste of Nature”, a project of the National Service of Protected Natural Areas (Sernanp) that seeks to spread its importance in our biodiversity and as a store of supplies for our food .

During the exhibition, said Astrid in the Tambopata National Reserve met crops closely and found the chestnut trees of 60 meters that take to grow an average of 25 years. “The communities in the area are very careful when removing the fruit from the trees, using ancient techniques to avoid plunder the tree,” he said.

Also discovered in the Huascaran National Park, all the water that comes from their snowy by melting them is used to harvest their products. Already in the National Sanctuary of Tumbes Mangroves concheros chatted with and learned from their extraction techniques, in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve met with the imposing paiche.

As part of the presentation, Astrid prepared desserts based on nuts, native potatoes and chocolate. After the talk, she was honored with the appointment of Honorary Ranger Sernanp because of its work in the preservation and dissemination of our nature reserves.