Chef Gilmer Bautista has been working with chef and entrepreneur Marisa Guiulfowith over 20 years, where he gained experience and knowledge of the exotic food from Peru. He participated in numerous festivals and toured many countries delighting people with his Peruvian cuisine and flavor. Later on, the chef Gilmer Bautista and his family decided to immigrate to Miami with the hope of bringing all his knowledge to undertake the adventure of opening his own restaurant. That’s when the idea of Micaela Peruvian Cuisine was born.

The concept of Micaela is to serve delicious Peruvian dishes in a quick and affordable way. The Chef’s plan is to delight you and your family by bringing to your table the best of Peruvian cuisine.

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7613 Davie road extension, Davie fl 33024.


26.0362643, -80.241568


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25 May 2024
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